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PRM offers the largest range of screening buckets in Australia, through their partnership with REMU, ROTAR and MONTABERT/MB

We have a screening bucket for any application that can be imagined!

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Introducing the new REMU PD3160 Padding Bucket







The REMU PD3160 is specially designed and manufactured with the most durable materials and up to date engineering in screening bucket technology to overcome current challenges of pipeline projects, trench backfilling and other demanding heavy duty applications. Designed and built for heavy duty padding work in harsh conditions, the robust structure, reliable power transmission and proven blade design ensure high efficiency and reliabity. Download the brochure on our website








Screening Asphalt

Recycling Materials

Anti-personnel landmine clearing

A Finnish REMU Crossover excavator bucket is allowing Pothole People QLD to screen and crush waste material excavated from job sites — usually broken asphalt, road-base and other base materials — for recycling as road base.

Previously the material had been dumped into landfill at considerable cost, according to Pothole People QLD executive director Greg Quince, a third-generation civil construction contractor in South East Queensland.

Operated by Robert, Andrea and Logan Smallmon since 1991, the Toowoomba-based business specialises in landscaping, earthmoving, bulk soil and water deliveries, and processes bulk material for resale.

Material for recycling is generally sourced from LWC’s own cartage contracts, with suitable material diverted to the recycling yard rather than being dumped.


Not that this is a common use for our screening buckets in Australia fortunately, but did you know that the United States Department of Defense and Finnish peacekeeping forces through NATO are using the very robust Remu screening buckets for anti-personnel Landmine clearing.

This proves the durability, quality and strength of the REMU brand.

Mine clearing buckets are also manufactured by Rotar. Click on the Read More link to view the video of the Rotar Cleaner for Demining.














Separating Plastic bags

Anaerobic Digestion

Screening of Manure

The REMU screening bucket is capable of separating plastic garbage bags from other waste material.

View the video on our website case studies page.

Renewable Energy Company, Local Generation, based in March, Cambridgeshire are transforming food waste into renewable energy using a natural process called anaerobic digestion (AD).

Their first anaerobic digestion plant is now fully operational. In building this plant, Local Generation are taking a practical lead in reducing harmful emissions and offering waste producers an alternative to rising landfill costs.

Green waste, bio waste, animal mortalities, horse manure and sewage sludge. REMU screening buckets can be used for grinding the raw material before composting and aerating the compost to accelerate the process. Furthermore the screening bucket can be used for screening mature compost and mixing in other needed ingredients so that the final product is homogenous.










All in one Materials Processing Solution - The REMU XO Crossover Bucket

Quickly transition between different applications with Remu’s Crossover screening bucket, which is a bucket frame with an exchangeable work module.

The bucket is part of Remu’s modular buckets specifically designed for compact excavators and wheel loaders, which assists operators in easily switching tasks.

Enabling fast changes for different jobs, module changes can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes. Three modules will be available—the blade screen (SB) for screening topsoil, the screener crusher (SC) for grinding lumpy material and the vibrating screen (SV) for separating loose, dry materials and shaking waste and dirt from recyclable material.

“The XO bucket offers customers the chance to buy just one bucket for a range of applications,” “The versatility and short changeover time makes it popular for smaller companies looking for an all-in-one solution.”

Suitable for swimming contractors/landscape gardeners and more.

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