Discovery Channel features the Rotar Pulveriser

"A machine that can destroy towerblocks like godzilla, chops through walls for breakfast, eats concrete floors for lunch and steel bars for dinner"

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Rotar: Made Tough But Made Efficient

35% Proven Savings Using A Rotar Pulveriser

The Rotar Pulveriser has a 35% quicker cycle time than anything else on the market!  It has bigger pipes, bigger return valves, bigger booster values and bigger speed valves. Bradley Demolition says, "this resulted in 35% less operator time & 35% less diesel used by the attachment."

"The Rotar attachments are a cut above anything else on the market and we will continue to invest in them.  We couldn’t afford not to buy them, so we made the investment!”

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Manufacturers Innovation Award for Tools and Attachments:

Rotar and Lehnhoff join forces and are shortlisted for the 2016 World Demolition Awards! Companies combine products to offer even more production and time savings.

All hoses and pipes between the Rotar attachments and the hydraulic quickcoupler run inside the subhead and are thus  protected. Hose rupture, oil spills and downtime as a result of  unprotected hoses are things of the past.

The oilflow is optimal, backpressure is reduced to a minimum, fuel consumption of the excavator is reduced and heat build-up is minimized.

Read all about this world-class combination of products of which PRM are exclusive Australian and NZ dealers. PRM have already sold their first Lehnhoff Quickcoupler and Rotar Products  into Australia with more stock landing in November. 


Come and Visit PRM at the National Aus Rail Conference and Exhibition at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the 22nd & 23rd of November 2016:

PRM will be showcasing Specialised Rail Equipment including; 

Movax Side Grip Piling Attachments, Drop Hammers and Drills. 

Rotar Ballast Recycling equipment and RRC Rail Cutters.

GKD Space Guard Height, Slew & Rated Capacity Indicator Systems.


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