The MotoCut pile cutter cuts concrete piles and now also steel piles and pipes quickly, safely, easily and without compromising on quality. MotoCut’s innovations are new generation tools - pile cutters that can be installed onto an excavator.

Through piling we can make use of sites that have so far gone underutilised. Although piling has been mechanised, the piles are often cut manually. The MotoCut Pile Cutter can turn this usually slow and labour-intensive process into a simple task.

MotoCut Pile Cutter
MotoCut Plasma Cutter

The MotoCut Pile Cutter is attached to the excavator, where it gets its power. Its ease of use and reliability are unparalleled. The world market does not have a similar device that would operate with diamond blades. The pile cutter displaces manual labour in physically heavy pile cutting work.

MotoCut's newest innovation is the plasma cutter for cutting tubular steel piles and pipes. For the first time MotoCut have made it possible to use the plasma cutter as a mobile version and it has the benefit of being able to remove the waste while working.

PRM and Dundrum – Automated Pile Cutting
MotoCut - A new way of trimming piles
Integration - Perfect fit with Movax Pile Driver
With 700 piles to cut for the Dryandra Road Project Brisbane Company Dundrum Civil provided contractor McConnell Dowell with the ideal solution to the problem with the MotoCut Q500 Pile Cutter, supplied and installed by Premier Rock Machinery (PRM).

The Dryandra Road Project is a reinforced concrete 4-lane underpass structure, supported on approximately 700 precast concrete piles including 1.5km of roadway, full underpass fitout with portions of taxiway and airfield road mounted atop the underpass structure.

Finnish contractor Leppet Morimoto had many years of cutting piles manually, and knew that there must be a better way. His invention, the MotoCut cutter, is the first pile cutting device to use diamond saw blades. A jaw holds the cut pile section. It provides a clean cut and is around twice as productive as manual methods.

A range of four excavator mounted attachments has been developed, and these suit excavators of 5t to 30t operating weight, and handle piles from 200mm x 200mm to 500mm x 500mm.

The MotoCut Pile Cutter is a perfect attachment companion for the Movax Pile Driver. Movax side-grip pile drivers are the optimum solution for a wide range of piling requirements and a variety of site and soil conditions ranging from the largest construction sites to small landscaping jobs.

Movax side-grip pile drivers are the perfect choice when a high-degree of precision is required when, for instance, laying the foundations for solar panels and are especially suitable for piling in sensitive environments and when limited space or access is available.

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