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Premier Rock Machinery was asked to present the GKD Sensor Zone – Proximity Warning System across Downer Surface and Road employees as part of the Mission Possible Road Show. The Sensor Zone system uses a vibrating tag to notify pedestrians (and machine operators) if they are within the nominated exclusion zone around mobile plant & equipment, allowing operators and pedestrians to take steps to avoid dangerous incidents.

By engaging employees across the entire Downer Road business, with the aim of eliminating all low speed incidents between pedestrians and plant machinery, Downer employees looked at a range of options around systems, procedures, processes, technology, culture and equipment .

PRM was very proud to be involved in helping Downer to explore technology options related to pedestrian safety and zero harm.

Click here for further information on the GKD Sensor Zone System

Road Contractors were also interested in the Asphalt & Bitumen Recycling applications of the Remu Screening Bucket Range.

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