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Mobile AI pedestrian detection

Engineers have been developing and trialling self-driving car prototypes for decades, and while we’re not yet “permanent backseat drivers”, the technology is developing rapidly. As the product of artificial intelligence (AI), a central element of autonomous vehicle research is the ability to detect and avoid pedestrians and other obstacles on the road.

As the machine learning movement progresses, AI in industrial applications is also moving beyond the automotive industry.

To that end, PRM Engineering Services, a Brisbane-based control and engineering solutions firm, has introduced the latest in AI human recognition to the waste industry via hazardous monitoring. Developed over three years, Sentinel VISION AI monitors danger zones in real time to reliably alert machine operators and pedestrians of safety breaches.

According to Mike Davis, PRM Group Managing Director, Sentinel Vision AI was developed in response to growing legislative and cultural safety impetus. As a result of this change, he says companies are becoming more aware of risks and are seeking better solutions. Mike adds, however, that safety system development has typically focused solely on operators or site employees. What sets Sentinel Vision AI apart, he says, is its dual operator and public monitoring approach, which works to support not just workplace health and safety, but also behavioural change.