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2HLE Advanced Height Limiting System

This advanced dual boom system is simple, accurate, cost effective height limiting system suitable for self-installation.

2HLE will protect workers from overhead danger when it is difficult to judge the actual height of the machine or the position of the booms from the cab.


Advanced Dual Boom System

The 2HLE is a more sophisticated height limiting system designed to monitor and control the operating height of multi-boom equipment.

2HLE Application

The 2HLE has been developed for use in the Construction and utility maintenance industries for use on machines such as excavators, wheel and backhoe loaders, telehandlers and other articulated machines operating in restricted conditions.

The 2HLE specification

Gravity referenced angle sensors are installed on each articulating boom and boom length

  • Dimensions are programmed on install Multiple motion cuts are applied to prevent height limit infringements by any part of the articulating boom structure
  • Boom movements away from the height limit are not affected
  • Accurate radius value to bucket pin provided
  • Dual sensing, Direct Drive sensors for applications requiring high performance levels(PL) or safety integrity levels (SIL)
  • A rail variant, the 2HLE-R is available for such high-performance applications for use on RRV’s