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2RCI – Rated Capacity Indicator

2RCi is a rated capacity indicator specifically for hydraulic backhoe 360° excavators.

This very flexible system is suitable for fitment to all configurations of equipment, including single and two-piece boom machines, and is designed to satisfy worldwide regulation regarding use of excavators as a crane.

Compatible with EN13000

Compatible with EN13000 crane standards, the 2RCi may be used on excavators fitted with additional attachments including forks and jibs. Optional slew limiting and slew based lifting duties allow full utilisation of machine capability.
In addition to the rated capacity indicator functions the 2RCi provides added benefits of digging depth indication and height limiting to increase efficiency and safety.

The compact 2RCi display can be installed in all operator cabs. Featuring a 4.3 inch high-brightness LCD touch screen with an easy to read graphical interface, the operator is always fully informed. An in-built on-screen help.

Advanced diagnostics ensure that the 2RCi is always operational.

Optional features include:

  • Intelligent hydraulic motion cut to all booms on overload.
  • Automatic lifting duty selection based on slew position includes up to 16 duties within the slew rotation, which can be switched automatically.