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3RCI – Rated Capacity Indicator for Rail

Leading the way in load control, the 3RCI system is the world’s most popular retrofit rated capacity indicator for road rail applications.

Road rail vehicles (RRV’s) are enabled to work to their maximum capacity with the number one electronic safety system for the rail market.


3RCi Application

The 3RCI and SpaceGuard rated capacity indicator systems are designed for the rail maintenance and renewal market for use on road rail vehicles (RRV’s) also known as ‘HyRail’ vehicles. SpaceGuard meets the latest rail industry standards in ALO and OLE applications.

How it works

3RCI monitors the machine’s load status and compares it to the machine’s true lift capacity in its state of gradient, rail cant and axle lock configuration. Slew, cant and gradient duties are continuously calculated to make full use of the machine’s lift capacity in every position.

The specification

Full intelligent motion cut of all booms and slew on overload always allows recovery to a safer state but prevents movement further into overload. Slew limits, virtual walls and height limits are all included, featuring
selective intelligent hydraulic motion cut of any boom or slew function at limit to prevent movement further into danger but allows recovery into the “safe” zone.
Full data logging of all functions and operational state is included. An optional telemetry unit includes GPS, GRPS and WiFi modules and allows local communication between machines and controllers, and remote data transmission and fault diagnosis drive a hydraulic solenoid valve to provide hydraulic motion cut on the lift circuit, or may also drive an external alarm or beacon.