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SensorSafe Technology

A system designed to make the construction industry more productive

(It’s safe to say)

Quite rightly, safety is of paramount importance in the construction industry.

But then so are productivity and the avoidance of costly downtime.

The SensorSafe systems, developed by GKD, have been designed to the highest standards for human and machine safety and protection.

At the same time, Sensortive™ electronic technology, allows operators to maximise the capability of their equipment and continue working safely where previously they might have had to stop.

By transmitting in continuous real time the most precise and meaningful information – about loads, heights and slew limits – the Sensorsafe systems are not only ultra-safe to use but also potentially more productive into the bargain.

We think it’s exactly what the construction industry has been waiting for.

Operating safely, intelligently and efficiently

The SensorSafe systems, powered by GKD technology, have been created for the construction and rail maintenance industries to meet the increasing compliance requirements for human and machine safety and protection.

These highly flexible systems are suitable for installation to a wide variety of equipment, including tracked or wheeled excavators.

The GKD SensorSafe system comprises three types of capability SensorLoad, SensorHeight and SensorSlew. These systems electronically monitor and optionally control, the loads, height, reach and slew of booms, masts or buckets

SensorLoad, SensorHeight and SensorSlew capabilities are available individually or in combinations within different products in the SensorSafe range.

Each system consists of sensors linked to a display unit.  This robust combined display and control unit is designed to operate in challenging environments within the construction and rail industry and can be installed into all makes of operator cab.


 SENSORLOAD When you’re heavy lifting


The SensorLoad control system consists of angle and pressure sensors which are fitted to the machine booms and lift cylinders to send data to a display, which then calculates and shows the machines rated capacity for the height and radius, with any given load. The sophisticated load monitoring and overload alert device means that SensorLoad is ranked amongst the most advanced of its kind on the market, providing rated capacity indication to multiple applications.

SensorLoad has been designed to satisfy UK LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). The system displays the current lifting capacity used. Alerts along with internal audible alarms are triggered when load reaches pre-determined limits of the rated capacity. A final alert is triggered when the machine exceeds its rated capacity. If the optional motion control is fitted, further movement, which will increase the load, is prevented only allowing movement away from the load limit in a safe direction.


SENSORHEIGHT – When you’re aiming high


An efficient height limiter system intended for use on excavators, wheel loaders, tele-handlers etc. consisting of angle sensors mounted on each articulating boom to provide height limit monitoring and data output for the entire articulated boom movement.

The height limit is variable and is set from the operator station.

On reaching the height limit, an audible alarm sounds and an optional motion cut valve stops the boom’s upward movement thereby preventing further ingress into the danger zone and only allowing movement away from the height limit in a safe direction.

An advanced dual sensing, direct drive sensor option is available for high accuracy, safety critical applications to detect and warn of sensor failure.


SENSORSLEW – When you’re throwing your weight around


A state of art system the SensorSlew protects people, vehicles and trains by preventing the slewing of a machine out of its designated work zone.

SensorSlew monitors the machine’s slew position using a variety of techniques dependant on the machine size and type. Whichever position measurement is in use SensorSlew continuously monitors for invalid signals and provides a warning to the operator in the event of a potential error.

Left and right slew limits are set from the operator station and the system applies hydraulic motion cuts to control the slew left and slew right. GKD’s unique pre-emptive stop algorithms ensure that warnings are given or where the optional motion control is fitted that motion cuts are applied to ensure the machine never exceeds the preset limits regardless of the slew speed.



Whether you are looking for individual monitoring and control of different functions or a combination of all three, GKD can offer you a solution from its extensive range of products tailored for your application and industry.


SensorSafe – Rail

GKD is a leading supplier of envelope and load control systems for Road Rail Vehicles (RRV’s). The 3RCi and 3RCi with SpaceGuard are specifically developed SensorSafe systems for the rail industry, meeting all the requirements for overnight working, working under overhead cables and adjacent line operation where required.

The 3RCi features a fully graphical display and touch screen control.

The latest versions, the 3RCi+ and the 3RCi+ with SpaceGuard, utilise the latest sensor technology and state of the art displays to reduce installation time, increase reliability, durability and ruggedness as well as optimising operator information and interface. All of which represents a further step on GKD’s journey towards helping increase safety and productivity.