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Sensorzone – Proximity Warning System

Safety has to be a priority on site. Firstly to protect lives and equipment and secondly to avoid expensive down time caused by dealing with accidents and the aftermath.

SensorZone is a risk alert system designed to protect the human and mechanical workforce from avoidable incidents.

Whilst the technology deployed is sophisticated, the installation is straightforward. As part of the configuration kit, a high-resolution beacon with an audio alert and an antenna (or more if necessary) are installed onto workplace hazard such as an excavator, truck or forklift truck. The system is then set up to monitor a pre-determined zone (or envelope) around the nominated hazards.

All appropriate personnel are fitted with an electronically personalized signal-responsive tag that vibrates and buzzes if the wearer enters the hazard zone.

In the event of either personnel or machine entering the zone, the beacon will commence flashing, a loud audio alert will be the signal for the driver/operator of the vehicle to immediately stop, switch off the engine, assess the situation and render the area free of danger.

The SensorZone System

The SensorZone system in proposed new livery


Many potential applications

Wherever there are people and machines working together and at risk of collision, SensorZone can be adapted to meet the safety requirement. For instance, a temporary zone using a cone to locate the beacon and create a monitored zone whilst the work is carried out.

There are many instances where work is carried out in close proximity to pedestrians and/or traffic. Again, SensorZone can be made to function as a monitored zone without the use of tags.

It’s little wonder that GKD are receiving interest from not only the construction sector but from mining, warehousing, rail, docks – in fact most industries that need to mitigate the risk of incidents between the human and mechanical workforce and the resulting loss of productivity.


Vibrating tag with longer life

The battery life of the tag is warranted for 2 years.

SensorZone Tag

Tag – front and back views